2in1® e-Plus

e-packaging for an efficient e-commerce


(secure transportation)

Purchasing experience
(easy-open strip)

Picking and storage

Order preparation


capsa 2in1® Multi-function closing system

The double closing concept that applies to cardboard boxes

Closing for transportation

Secure transportation
Better content protection.

Closing for storage

Any time access to the content,
for convenient packaging and storage.


Secure transportation
Remains unmoved during transit due to its reinforced structure design
Special interlocking flaps
Reinforced structure design
Greater resistance to lateral pressure.
Greater resistance when stacked.
Reduces costs and handling time

e-Plus: Table of references

Available in the following formats:

2in1® e- PLUS 102 205 x 145 x 110 210 x 150 x 120
2in1® e- PLUS 103 310 x 220 x 140 315 x 225 x 150
2in1® e- PLUS 104 395 x 295 x 110 400 x 300 x 120
2in1® e- PLUS 105 395 x 295 x 190 400 x 300 x 200

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