2in1® Korrvu® Retention

Maximum protection both inside and out

Keeps the product fixed and secure
using blocking protection,
ideal for fragile products.

Flexible retention film

resistant to sharp objects

Block protection

Keeps the product firm and secure

A versatile solution

Assembly instructions


Don’t settle for a basic box, choose capsa 2in1®, the perfect combination

capsa 2in1® Multi-function closing system

The double closing concept that applies to cardboard boxes.

Closing for transportation

Secure transportation
Better content protection.

Closing for storage

Any time access to the content,
for convenient packaging and storage.


Purchasing experience
Improves your product’s appearance with an attractive presentation
Reinforced structure design
Greater resistance to lateral pressure.
Greater resistance when stacked.
Closing flap for storage
Safe to open
Content protected against cuts
Ideal for reverse logistics
Shipments and returns

2in1® Korrvu® Retention: Table of references

Available in the following formats:

Plus System 2IN1KORRVU-RP02P 390 x 285 x 130 330 x 210 x 45
Duo System 2IN1KORRVU-RP02D 390 x 285 x 130 330 x 210 x 45

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