2in1® Fresh

Freshness protection inside
and secure from the outside

Removable isothermal cover

Practical self-adhesive seal

Keeps temperature

+2 to +8 ºC for up to 12/24 hours, depending on the accumulator

Improved refrigerated food conservation



capsa 2in1® Multi-function closing system

The double closing concept that applies to cardboard boxes

Closing for transportation

Secure transportation
Better content protection.

Closing for storage

Any time access to the content,
for convenient packaging and storage.


Safe to open
Content protected against cuts
Closing flap for storage
Store in the fridge or freezer without removing the product
Instant bottom
Simple and quick assembly in less than 1 second
Special interlocking flaps
Personalize and surprise your customers

Fresh: Table of references

Available in the following formats:

2in1® Fresh-001430 X 300 2IN1 DUO-303 / 2IN1 PLUS-003
2in1® Fresh-002430 X 400 2IN1 DUO-304 / 2IN1 PLUS-004
2in1® Fresh-003580 X 450 2IN1 DUO-306 / 2IN1 PLUS-008

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