Our values

An innovative spirit

Capsa’s innovative spirit led them to market the 2in1® solution, which they apply to numerous products to continue satisfying sender needs, while also providing benefits to the recipient. The DNA of innovation is present in all Capsa’s products that they bring to market. This difference provides added value to the brand and improves customer perception. Capsa will continue innovating in the packaging sector.

Ecological Spirit

Capsa aims to be environmentally friendly through sustainable development. Our brand guarantees that the products we market are environmentally friendly, given that we use recyclable and high quality materials, as such managing to extend their useful life and protecting the environment. Our view is that we should all act in an environmentally friendly way to leave the world a better place for future generations.



Another key aspect in the success of our company involved ensuring the quality of our products from the outset, always keeping standards high to ensure our customers are satisfied. Our view is that good packaging must ensure that your products reach your customers in perfect condition, which is why Capsa products will provide you with the necessary benefits to reflect that level of guarantee in your shipments. We consider quality such a key factor as we want our customers to remain satisfied.

Our team

Here at Capsa, we are aware of the importance of a company counting on a qualified and motivated team. We apply work-life balance policies that enable the ideal working environment, resulting in an excellent product and service for our customers.