Clients Program

Partnering for flexible and effective logistics

What does the Capsa 2in1® Clients Program offer?

Capsa opens up their technology to everyone
to enable customers to request capsa 2in1® solutions from any Capsa authorised corrugated cardboard manufacturer.

A worldwide opportunity

Program participation benefits

There are major advantages to participating in Capsa’s supply program. You can make your shipments stand out through innovative packaging that provides better content protection, as well as being functional and sustainable packaging.

You can optimise the productivity of your logistics chain through the capsa 2in1® capsa 2in1® packaging solutions.

Through the program, you can procure capsa 2in1® solutions from the authorised corrugated cardboard manufacturers that best fit your needs based on proximity and/or service.


It is an easy and quick way of procuring capsa 2in1® solutions from your regular supplier.

Program advantages



What does Capsa offer?


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